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Vintage Gypsy Traveler.

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Travelers are often referred to by the terms tinkers, knackers or itinerants in Ireland, while in other countries the term gypsies or didicoy is used to describe the community. Some of these terms refer to services that were traditionally provided by them, tinkering (or tinsmithing), for example, being the mending of tinware such as pots and pans,and knackering, being the acquisition of dead or old horses for slaughter.Tinker and especially knacker is used as a pejorative against Travelers in Ireland.
The term gypsy first appeared in record in the 16th century from a category of people thought to be Egyptians who arrived in Britain they did not however at that time go to Ireland itself and the term gypsy is not used in Ireland to describe travelers.
The historical origins of Irish Travelers as an ethic group has been a subject of academic and popular debate. Such discussions have been difficult as Irish Travelers left no written records of their own. In 2011 an analysis of DNA from 40 Travelers at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin and the University of Edinburgh. The study provided evidence that the Irish Travelers are a distinct ethnic minority, who separated from the settled community at least 1000 years ago; the claim was made that they are distinct from the settled community as Icelanders are from Norwegians. Even though all families of Irish Travelers claim ancient origins, not all families date back to the same point in time; some families adopted Traveler custom centuries ago, while others did so more recently. It is however unclear how many Travelers would be included in this distinct ethnic group at least from a genetic perspective.
Irish Travelers speak English and sometimes one of two dialects of Shelta, Gammon(or Gamin) and Irish Traveler Cant. Shelta has been dated back to the 18th century, but may be older. Cant, which derives from Irish Gaelic, is a combination of English and Shelta.

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